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The Second Demo of Arkhaytulmayt

    For Arkhaytulmayt's supporters out there, our second demo will release as soon as possible as it's still undergoing music making and rehearsing phase. It's possibly done at the end of this year but only god knows when... It's may contains 4 songs and no more melancholic love instrumental song. We have change to a new concept that only you can decide what our new concept  is all about... 

The Shah Alam Metal Warrior's 2nd Gathering

    On the January 12th, 2002, we have organized a Metal Head Gathering which attended by some of Shah Alam's Metallers at Section 18, Shah Alam. The gathering begins at 12:00 pm with a 'makan-makan' (dinners) session at one of the most delicious stall in Section 18. It was then followed by a 'jamming session' at P.Ramlee Music Studio, performed by 3 talented bands from Shah Alam, Arayzia, Arkhaytulmayt and one more band that I forgot what it's name was (Sorry... Hehehe). The jamming session take times until 3:00 am... Click the 'Picture Gallery' to see more pictures takes during that gathering.

The Shah Alam Metal Scene mIRC Channel

    I have launch a new mIRC channel called #draconis at the Webnet server. This channel was create for all of you who want to seek information about Shah Alam Metal Scene... Don't forget to join #deathcrush for the fans of unholy black metal... evil... yeahhh